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We love discovery.

We are a lab at Discovery Ridge at the University of Missouri. Also, this is not an official university website.

  • Mission. Create and publish data that will make a difference in the lives of people and animals.
  • Guiding Questions. What is the basis of resilience? How do tissues interact to affect brain function and behavior?
  • Methodologies. Molecular, cellular, genetic, pharmacological, electrochemical, and behavioral.
  • Values. Integrity, Commitment, Excellence, Service.
  • Philosophy. Science is creative work. Scientists discover compelling stories about the nature of life.

So, what is it like out at Discovery Ridge?

The Discovery Ridge Family in front of the lake behind the facility Hagan and Amos-Landgraf Labs, Summer 2012: back row L to R : Catherine Hagan, Yesen Zhou, Lydia Crystal Cook, Ava Song, Daniel Davis, Jim Amos-Landgraf; front row L to R: Cynthia Alvarado, Laura McCormick, Casandra Jacobs, Shraddha Cantara Jim Amos-Landgraf and I got new laboratories that were finished in May of 2013 - this is the open house party. It is the first and last time food was allowed in the laboratory. 2014 Guns-n-grub fundraiser for the veterinary school - the Discovery Ridge Skeet team, from left to right: Marina McCoy's now husband, Jim Amos-Landgraf, Marina McCoy (PhD student in Bryda Lab), Yuksel Agca, me, and my awesome lab manager Daniel Davis. How many people can work in the necropsy room at the same time? 8. The answer is 8. (some of them are not in the picture, but I promise you, they are in the room). Summer 2014. Here is our room for running animal behavior. This picture was taken on a Friday night; this is why it is empty.. See? We respect work-life balance. Winter 2014, TREASURE HUNT! Braggin' rights trophy has a running husky on it.  L to R front: Marcia Hart, Marina McCoy, Alison Ostdiek, Sarah Hanson, Cynthia Alvarado, Tara Piech, Back row, L to R: Scott  Korte, Jim Amos-Landgraf, Zijin Zhou. How we celebrate birthdays. No, it wasn't the grim reaper's birthday. The expectations There are a lot of classes at Discovery Ridge, such as lab animal medicine, pathology, and grant writing. Yes, that is a trivial pursuit board.  The answer is sacculus rotundus. The arrival of the fish! Fish greeters - Julia Karpinski (left) and Elizabeth Bryda (right) This is the awesome zebrafish room. We just got a bigger room and are moving into it soon. Daniel Davis (center) built the fish rack with recirculating water in the back of the room. Elizabeth Bryda (left), Daniel, vet student Jenna Klug, from K-State L to R: Jenna Klug (vet student, K state), Elizabeth Bryda, me, Daniel Davis. We did a cool project on using MS222 and Clove oil to euthanize zebrafish - Jenna's idea!. Paper coming soon - Take home: more serum recovery and less stress with clove oil. 2013, December, Broadway Brewery. - - We take our residency applicants out to dinner when they interview. There are 6 faculty with labs out at Discovery Ridge, and we are all part of the Comparative Medicine Training Program. Comparative medicine faculty L to R: Scott Korte, Erin O'Connor, Craig Franklin, Elizabeth Bryda, Jeff Henegar, Bettina Gentry, Aaron Ericsson, Catherine Hagan (me), Lon Dixon, Dana Weir, Yuksel Agca, Mike Linville, Jim Amos-Landgraf The view from the front of the Discovery Ridge building - - the dark spots on the horizon are cows grazing. The view from the back of the Discovery Ridge building. So strange, we never see cows out back.

Student projects

  • Agata Grzelak* immunity, stress, and behavior in mice
  • Ava Song* glucocorticoid resistance in dogs
  • Elizabeth Farnan* rat social hierarchy (w/Amos-Landgraf Lab)
  • Jenna Klug*, (Kstate) stress, zebrafish (w/Bryda Lab)
  • Kyle Crowson* depressive-like behavior in mice
  • Zijin Zhou* seizure monitoring in mice
  • Karen Trott* anxiety behavior in mice
  • Sharon Hasselbach*, Jenna Pannone*, Yaira Rivera*, Adri Casagrande* housing effects on microbiome (w/Ericsson and Franklin Labs)
  • Methma Udawatta^ (Brown), mouse behavior
  • Lauren Silverstein* (Western U), rat odor effects on mouse behavior (w/Bryda Lab)
  • Cassandra Jacobs* epigenetics of stress genes in dolphins (with Amos-Landgraf Lab)
  • Marcia Hart, D.V.M.# pathology in aging mice (w/Treuting Lab, University of Washington)
  • Anna Ludlow# microglial phagocytosis
  • Anna Clark* housing effects on infanticide in mice (w/Ericsson and Franklin Labs)
  • Nicole Holleuffer* enrichment and behavior in fish
  • Joel Saeger^ effects of odors on mouse behavior (w/Bryda Lab)
  • Karen Mallinson-Chandler* olfactory enrichment for primates (w/Animal Resources)

*vet student   #grad student   ^undergrad

Lab Alumni

Lydia Cook, D.V.M., Ph. D., former post-doc, 2014, now working with Aratana Therapeutics Methma Udawatta, summer 2013, completing undergraduate degree at Brown, did summer fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis Cassandra Jacobs, summer 2013, veterinary student and future wildlife veterinarian, poster won best overall presentation at Phi Zeta Day in 2014 Angela Goerndt, Senior Research Lab Technician, 2012-2015 (we will miss you Angie!!!) Laura McCormick, veterinary student (2013-2014), now in clinics Cynthia Alvarado, D.V.M., M.S. (Franklin Lab), 2013, now at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine (2013) Miranda Wilson, 2013, in graduate school now at MU - future beef geneticist Kyle Crowson (summer 2014) vet student, president of student chapter of AVSAB Am. Vet Society of Animal Behaviorists Lauren Silverman (summer 2013) veterinary student, Western University of Health Sciences Joel Saeger, undergraduate, 2013, now getting M.S. in Biomedical Sciences at KCUMB Chloe Goodson (2013-2014) now lives in Alaska and works at the American Bald Eagle Foundation (Cool!!!!) Stephanie Monticelli (2014), undergraduate, 
co-mentored with Bryda Lab Yesen Zhou, undergraduate, co-mentored with Sengupta Lab, Bioengineering (2013-2015) Shelby Judd, veterinary student (2014-2015) Hyunji (Ava) Song, veterinary student very busy on clinics! 2013-2014

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